9 Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Valentines Day!

Every year millions of valentines day cards, gift wrappers, and dead flowers finish their romantic holiday filling up our landfills. Not to mention that as of 2019, Americans have spent up to a total of 20 billion dollars for ONE holiday! Lets show some love to our special someone and mother earth.


1. Organic and Local is best

Why not instead of picking up some chocolates in a plastic heart-shaped box, plan ahead and buy some organic chocolate from a local market. Instead of plastic wrap and cardboard, go for a reusable solution, like glass or wood.

pieces of chocolate

2. Valentine Card Alternatives

Every year 180 million paper card are exchanged every Valentines Day and it takes a great amount of water and trees to produce them. Then once they end up in landfills they will emit methane, even recycled cards! This year why not make your own or even write a a message in chalk where you know your partner will see it.

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3. Pesticides are not Romantic

Many of the bouquets in your local grocery store are filled with chemicals and weed killers that even cause harm to our health. Instead head to your a farmers market for a beautiful locally grown bouquet.

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4. Vintage makes a Statement

As of today there are a numerous amount of human rights and environmental problems that come from the mining industry, so why not invest in a unique vintage piece.

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5. Avoid the Reservation

Nothing is more romantic than sharing a meal cooked in the comfort of your own home. It is also great for the environment, you avoid the food waste and the extra packaging from the styrofoam to-go boxes, plus there´s not wait line.

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6. Donate > Indulge

Why not instead of putting your money towards one day of the year, donate to a an animal shelter or an environmental cause. And if its OK with your partner why not adopt a cat or dog from the shelter.

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7. DIY Bath Products

There is no need to buy bath products filled with additives and chemicals from big chain stores, instead for a more heart-felt feel, make your own to give to your partner. Most of them mare made up from natural ingredients and its easy to find a recipe online.

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8. Garden instead of Gifting

Instead of cutting up flowers as a gift, plant them in your backyard! Or even take a romantic stroll though a nature reserve or botanical garden.

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9. Vegan Protection

This Valentines day, invest in some bio-degradable condoms to stay Eco-friendly this holiday.

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